Mani Gholami


Mani was born in March 18, 1970 in Tehran (No 13, Qaffari St., Saadi Ave.). The house number played an important role in his life, bringing him,
astonishingly, good luck! This good luck led him to become a painter. A boy whose chickens were always mistaken for a cow!!?, finished his studies
in Art University (Tehran) at 1999. He had been studying graphics in Tehran Azad University at the same time. So in the year 2000 he got two B.A.s in
painting and graphics. He got his M.A. in graphics (illustration) from Tehran University later.

His works were first introduced publicly in an exhibition at 1997 in HaftSamar Gallery (Tehran), and later in Honar Gallery (Tehran). Both of these were group exhibitions and most of the people who visited were the friends…

His first solo exhibition was held in 2001 at Elahe gallery (Tehran).

Since the year 2000 Mani started teaching private classes, getting more popular among his student every day, because of his good humor and of course his vision of drawing and painting. (Of course this is what some of his students Believed!)
He has never been invited to teach in a university or any other institution that he didn’t ru

n himself (probably coincidence).