Ehsan Zia Boroujeni


Ehsan Zia, ( b. 1987, Iran )


2011 B.A. Fine Arts ( In Painting ), Isfahan University of Art, Isfahan, Esfahan


2014 Strict,Drawing & Sculpture Apadana Gallery, Isfahan, Esfahan

2013 3 After Midnight, Hamoun Gallery, Isfahan, Esfahan

2013 Sculpture,Hamoun gallery, Isfahan, Esfahan


2016 Isfahan Figurative Design Group Exhibition, Apadana Gallery, Isfahan, Esfahan

2014 Painting Group Exhibition, Hamoun Gallery, Isfahan,Esfahan

2013 Group Show of Mini Size Work, Hamoun Gallery, Isfahan

Painting Group Exhibition, Apadana Gallery,Isfahan,Esfahan

Drawing Group Exhibition, Hamoun Gallery, Isfahan,Esfahan

2012 Painting Group Exhibition, Hamoun Gallery, Isfahan,Esfahan

2011 Painting Group Exhibition, Isfahan University of Art, Isfahan

2010 International Student Art Exhibition, Tehran

2009 Drawing Group Exhibition, Khatkhati Institute, Isfahan, Esfahan

2008 Drawing Group Exhibition, Saba Gallery, Tehran

2007 Drawing Group Exhibition, Central Library of Isfahan, Isfahan

2006 Printmaking Group Show, Arts Organization In Isfahan, Esfahan