elham hemmat


Elham Hemmat is a graphic designer, sculptor and illustrator. She was attracted to art at the age of five, and started graphic design at school at the age of 15. Soon, her works were selected in different competitions, and at the age of 18, she won the prestigious Khawrazmi Award. She studied graphic design (B.A) and research in art (M.A) at Isfahan University of Art.

Elham’s posters and projects have been focused on social and cultural issues and have been exhibited at museums both nationally and internationally since 2012. She has been awarded in several festivals, such as the first prize at 16th International Biennial of Theater Poster Rzeszow in 2018, the first prize in Fadjr International Theater Festival in 2017, and the silver medal of International Poster Triennial Toyama in 2015. Moreover, she has experience in the field of sculpture. She works with different materials and techniques like plaster, welding, ceramic and so on. Her first exhibition, assemblage sculptures and ceramics was held in 2008 and in the same year, she exhibited her paintings. Since then, she has had other solo and group exhibitions and she has three current exhibitions in 2018: a solo and group exhibition of her sculptures, Docile Bodies, in Tehran, Iran (October and November), and a solo exhibition of her posters in Rzeszow, Poland (November). Besides professional work, she has an interest in academics and she has taught courses such as history of art, philosophy of art, and poster design at different schools and universities in Iran.