Hadi Jamali


Hadi Jamali

Born, 1950 Shiraz, Iran


M.A. At industrial design, faculty of Arts & Architecture Islamic Azad University

B.A. At interior decoration of Art University,Tehran, Iran.

High school Diploma from Fine Arts, Iran- Tehran.

A member of the faculty of Arts & Architecture, Islamic Azad University Directory of industrial design, Islamic Azad University since 1999 
A member of society of Iranian painters (SIP)
A member of management council, instruction committee of society of  Iranian painters (SIP)
A member of Group 30+

Experience of instruction

Faculty of Art & Architecture, Islamic Azad University, since 1987
Faculty of plastic Arts & applied Arts, Art University, 1990 to 1993
Jahad high education institute, since 1998

Individual Exhibitions

Painting Exhibition, Elahe Gallery, 2003
Painting Exhibition, Barg Gallery, 2001
Water Color and Rendring exhibition, Khorshid Gallery, 1998

Group Exhibitions

Painting exhibition of Group 30+ in Barg Gallery, 2003
Painting exhibition of Group 30+ in Shar Gallery, 2003
Painting exhibition, Artist Gallery, 2003
Painting exhibition, Arg Bam Kerman, 2002
Art cultural center, 2002
museum of contemporary Art 2002
Painting and sculpture exhibition for the benefit of the people attacked by the earthquake, Niavaran Artistic creation foundation, 2002
Painting exhibition \"painters and Yase girls\" Barg Gallery & Honar Gallery, 2002
The 2nd international painting Biennial of the Islamic word- Tehran
Painting exhibition, Sanandaj, 2001
New experiences, Artist Gallery, 2001
Blue exhibition, Artist Gallery, 2001
Isfahan museum of contemporary Art, 2001
Niavaran Artistic creation foundation, 2000-2001
Conceptual Art exhibition, Tehran museum of contemporary Art, 2001
Conceptual Art exhibition, Barg Gallery, 2001
The Great sale of year painting exhibition, Niavaran Artistic creation foundation, 1999
Iranian cultural Art products fair, Tehran international permanent fair ground, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1999
The exhibition of \"A selection of thirty years of illustrations at the children and teenagers center (1960-1996)\"center of creations of Tehran, Nov.1998
The first international Biennial the works of illustrators of children\'s book Tehran museum contemporary art, 1999
The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, exhibition of\"Iranian contemporary Drawing\", Barg Gallery in 1997, 1998, 1999 2000, 2001
The 1st & 2nd \"flower & Nature\" in the works of Persian painters exhibition, May 1992, 1993
The 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, Biennial of contemporary Iranian painting, Tehran museum of contemporary Art 1991, 1993, 1997, 2000
Artistic works exhibition of the professors of Islamic Azad University 1989, 1990, 1992, 1994, and 2002
Plastic Art exhibition, Shahed museum, Jul.1989
The first exhibition illustrators of children\'s books, Tehran museum of contemporary Art, Nov.1989
The second exhibition of \"Graphics art of Iran\" Tehran museum of contemporary Art, May.1989
Painting exhibition, Niavaran Artistic creation foundation, Oct.1984, Oct. 1985
Painting exhibition at Tehran museum of contemporary Art:May 1984, Feb.1985, Mar.1988, Sep.1989, Nov.1990, Feb.1991, Nov.1992 

Group Exhibitions Abroad

Painting and Installation Exhibition in Irvan, Armenia 2003
The Triennial international contemporary Art, Grand Arc, Paris- France, 2002
Painting exhibition of Group 30+, Tokyo- Japan, 2002
Painting exhibition of Group 30+, museum metropolitan Gallery, Tokyo- Japan, 2002
Painting exhibition, Chicago- USA 1998
The exhibition of the Iranian children and teenager\'s book illustrators, Japan, Noma, 1992
he exhibition of the Iranian children and teenager\'s book illustrators, Pakistan, 1991
The international exhibition the works of illustrators of children and teenager\'s books, Italy- Bolonya, 1991


Crystal live award of Rouyesh and the first award of \"flower & nature in the works of Persian painters\", 1993
1st prize of illustration, pilgrimage, Endowment and charity Affairs organization, 1990
1st grade medal, national painting competition, high schools of Iran, Ramsar, 1968

Board of Honor from

Board of Honor\"selected professor\" of faculty of Arts, Architecture, Islamic Azad University 1999, 2001
Center of visual Arts, 1993
Iran carpet organization 1991
Cultural assistance of ministry of Islamic Guidance 1989
Cultural assistance of Islamic Azad University
The Illustrations of the books published by the children and teenagers center:
Fruit, A fall morning, what difference does it make?, This is a flower, this is a bud, summer in our village, peach, House in waiting mood.
The illustrations of the children\'s books, what are we, where is our place? Municipality of Tehran
Writing two educational books for the designing and painting, Labor and knowledge high schools, ministry of Jahade Sazandegi