The essence of silence

The essence of silence

The essence of silence

26 Jan 2018
06 Feb 2018

The desert!

The resort made of the silence,

Sitting somewhere in between the notes played by the essence, the desert is rewinding its own music for the lovers.

Let the warmth of the sands soothe you by getting drowned in the desert for some hours.

Let the curves of the dunes warm up your eyes, let it put your body into dance,

And let the particular light of its nights fly you high to the galaxy.

Let it all put you in a trance, untill you’re all eyes, ears and presence.

The instance that you abandon those chaos lines,The moment that you

embrace yourself and become as “one”, smoothly, harmoniously, and simply.

Putting on the jewellery that carry the nature of the desert, takes us to the journey to reach our inner jewel of silence,Where we could sedately

Where we could sedately observe the truth of Being.